How CILC Helps Insurance Agents and Brokers

CILC Principal Damian J. Arguello explains how CILC works with insurance producers to help their clients with claim disputes, complying with contractual insurance requirements, and more, as well as address insurance agent and broker legal issues like E&O claims and more.


For Insurance Agents and Brokers

How We Help You


CILC’s founding partner, Damian J. Arguello, is a former insurance industry professional. This unique “insider” experience allows CILC to go beyond traditional legal representation and create proactive partnerships with insurance producers and their clients. Colorado independent insurance agents and brokers can supplement their commercial insurance experience with CILC’s specialized legal services to make their advice to commercial insureds more effective and their agencies’ practices better.

How We Help Your Clients


Savvy insurance professionals advise their business clients to consult with an experienced insurance coverage lawyer about their commercial insurance policies before binding coverage. CILC partners with insurance agents and brokers to answer their commercial clients’ legal questions in-house, rather than just telling the client to go find a lawyer on their own. With a CILC lawyer on call, insurance agents and brokers create a competitive edge for themselves and reinforce existing relationships with their commercial policyholder clients.

You Know Colorado Insurance and So Do We


CILC supplements the great work that Colorado commercial insurance providers are already doing with its blend of expertise in the insurance and legal industries. CILC, and its founding partner Damian J. Arguello, partner with insurance professionals in a number of ways to help them serve their commercial clients and grow their business by providing layers of added value to their client service.

Enriched Client Service to Commercial Policyholders


CILC offers the following legal services to Colorado insurance agents and brokerage firms:

  • Legal Advice
  • Contract Coordination & Risk Management Services
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Protective Services
  • Education & Training

Your Colorado Insurance Law Partner

Insurance policies are important and complex legal contracts. That's why you and your clients need a qualified insurance coverage lawyer. We help you interpret the legalese of insurance policies and help your clients get the coverage they actually need. 

Why trust us? Because we know your world. CILC's principal attorney, Damian J. Arguello, was the errors & omissions risk manager and claims manager for a top-20 insurance brokerage. 


Legal Advice Services for insurance professionals

Prudent insurance agents and brokers know that identifying and negotiating the right insurance options from the beginning is the key to comprehensive commercial insurance coverage. CILC partners with insurance professionals to provide expert and sound legal advice to their business clients. This ensures that the policy choices they make provide complete coverage from the outset and are the right ones for their business.

Contract coordination & Risk management services

For most businesses, their commercial insurance policies are only a few of the complex contracts that their company enters into. CILC helps commercial policyholders ensure that their insurance policies are compatible with their existing business documents such as leases, construction contracts, and master service agreements. CILC works with insurance professionals to coordinate their business client’s insurance policies with careful consideration given to the client’s other contractual obligations. Many insurance professionals have found that including the advice of a Colorado insurance lawyer creates a modern and global approach to risk management for commercial policyholders.

Legal Advocacy services

CILC provides a number of protective services to help insurance agents and brokers in the event that coverage issues arise for their commercial clients. As seasoned insurance lawyers, CILC works with commercial policyholders directly to resolve their insurance disputes in an economical way. Oftentimes, expensive litigation can be avoided by bringing in the perspective of an insurance lawyer from the Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Protective services

CILC also provides protective services and guidance to insurance professionals themselves. CILC serves as a proactive partner helping them to avoid the liabilities of E&O (errors and omissions) claims. The law firm also offers services to create best practices for their insurance business to reduce their professional liability risks and advise their employees on risk aversion. In the event of an E&O claim, many times CILC can provide representation to efficiently resolve the issue..

Education & Training

As experienced insurance lawyers and business lawyers, CILC works with insurance agents and brokers to offer educational training and seminars to their commercial clients. CILC’s educational services provide business professionals with a greater understanding of the complexities of their insurance policies. We work with our insurance partners to provide training sessions that help their business clients fully understand how their insurance policies should be structured every year to provide them with as much protection as possible in the event of a claim. This aspect of CILC’s services is especially beneficial to agents and brokers when large commercial insurance policies come up for renewal as their clients are always interested to hear from the perspective of a lawyer on exactly what coverages their company needs and why.