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Your On-Demand Insurance Expert

Insurance policies are among the most complex and valuable commercial contracts your clients have. Yet, few lawyers understand them and how they interrelate to other commercial contracts. Moreover, if you’re suing an insurance company for wrongfully denying or delaying your client’s claim, you’ll need an expert witness.

That’s where CILC can help you help your client. Whether your practice is transactional, litigation, or somewhere in between, you can leverage CILC’s insurance expertise to deliver better results for your clients and gain an edge over your competition. 

Transactions and Contracts

Insurance considerations permeate virtually every business transaction, including mergers and acquisitions, property purchases and leases, distributor agreements, construction contracts, etc. As your consultant and co-counsel, CILC can help you with such insurance and risk management tasks as:

  • Pre-closing insurance due diligence
  • Drafting contractual insurance requirements
  • Drafting other contractual risk transfer provisions, i.e., indemnity/hold-harmless provisions
  • Providing transaction- or operation-related coverage opinions
  • Auditing compliance with contractual insurance coverage requirements
  • Insurance broker evaluation & selection
  • Insurance program & risk management audit
  • Claims reviews and audits
  • Crafting insurance portfolio marketing bid specifications
  • Providing outsourced ongoing risk management services


Litigation Services

When litigation involves insurance issues, CILC is there to help. We provide:

  • Consulting and testifying expert witness services on bad faith and insurance agent/broker liability issues, including certificates of review
  • Co-counseling in insurance coverage litigation actions
  • Litigation-related coverage opinions
  • Independent coverage counsel (a/k/a personal or Cumis counsel) when insurers defend under a reservation of rights, exposure to a judgment in excess of limits exists, or other conflict of interests issues affecting insurance coverage arise

Unparalleled Qualifications

I’m Damian J. Arguello. I believe strongly that a robust insurance industry is crucial for our economy both on a macro and individual client level. But it only works when policyholders are diligent and insurance companies act in good faith.

I spent over a decade as an insurance claims adjuster, insurance claims manager, and insurance brokerage errors & omissions claims manager before going to law school. Since then, I’ve dedicated my career to insurance coverage matters. Contact me to see how I can help your clients.

How CILC Helps You and Your Client with Insurance Issues

CILC Principal Damian J. Arguello describes how CILC works with other lawyers to address insurance issues in litigation and transactional contexts.