July 24 2017

PR Web: Colorado Insurance Law Center Reminds Colorado Companies to Consider Purchasing Business Income Insurance to Survive Catastrophe

Colorado is home to some of the most cutting edge and fastest-growing businesses in the nation. To keep their competitive edge, local business owners have made significant investments in real estate, people, processes, and equipment. The recent hailstorm in the Denver area, particularly the damage it caused to the Colorado Mills Mall and the resulting shutdown of businesses there, provides a good reminder of the importance of having business income coverage to protect your Colorado business against a catastrophic loss.

Losses due to natural disasters and storms in Colorado touch a variety of industries, including real estate management, construction, hospitality, food, retail, manufacturing, travel, energy, and technology.

Commercial property insurance policies can, but do not automatically, include business income coverage and extra expense coverage (“BI/EE”), also known as “business interruption” or “time element” coverage.

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