Category: Insurance Policies

November 29 2017

CILC Tech Advisory: Make sure your valuable inventory is protected

Technology companies and their distributors and retailers depend heavily on the ability to store inventory for varying durations of time depending on their actual business needs and cycles, as those needs and cycles change.  Protecting that inventory while in storage is thus critical.  A recent set of decisions out of New York involving LaptopPlaza, a […]

August 23 2017

Your liability insurance policies: Coverage for Defense Costs v. Indemnity Costs

Keep in mind that company’s liability insurance policy(ies) provide two important benefits: In the event your company is named in a claim, lawsuit, and/or administrative proceeding: Your liability coverage may pay for the attorneys you will need to retain to defend you; and The scope of coverage available for these defense costs may be broader […]

July 26 2017

Corporate Counsel: Stay Involved and Know When to Get Help with Your Company’s Insurance Program

Two recent federal court decisions illustrate the importance of corporate counsel’s continued involvement in the drafting and management of a company’s insurance program. Corporate counsel often has an intimate knowledge of the company’s operations and corporate history to help spot potential gaps in what the company’s insurance, as written, covers. Corporate counsel also typically is […]

July 24 2017

PR Web: Colorado Insurance Law Center Reminds Colorado Companies to Consider Purchasing Business Income Insurance to Survive Catastrophe

Colorado is home to some of the most cutting edge and fastest-growing businesses in the nation. To keep their competitive edge, local business owners have made significant investments in real estate, people, processes, and equipment. The recent hailstorm in the Denver area, particularly the damage it caused to the Colorado Mills Mall and the resulting […]

June 21 2017

Your liability insurance policies: the differences between occurrence-based and claims-made policies

You may be familiar with your company’s liability insurance policies enough to know that one or more of them may contain highlighted text stating that the policy is a “claims-made” policy, and that others operate on an “occurrence” basis.  What this all actually means, however, may be something of another matter.  Here are some ways […]

May 23 2017

CILC’S Tech Advisory: Do you know how your insurance works in the event of a trademark infringement claim?

Technology companies, especially those driven by web-based products or services, rely heavily on the use of trademarks, logos, photographs, and other intellectual property to standout and distinguish themselves from their competitors. In a perfect world, a company’s web-based operations do not encroach upon the trademarks, copyrights, or other forms of intellectual property created and owned […]