Case Studies – Proactive Insurance Strategies

Proactive Insurance Strategies

Damian J. Arguello regularly helps small and mid-sized businesses with proactive strategies to maximize the value of their commercial insurance policies and minimize risk. In this instance, a Colorado business was concerned because its only facility was evacuated due to a wildfire. The technology company was the sole supplier of equipment for its customer and they were concerned that the shutdown would cause them to lose revenue. The company also feared that the temporary shutdown would force its customer to necessarily have to look to a competitor to fill its orders and cost the company its exclusive supplier status.

Damian J. Arguello was able to proactively guide this business with a two-pronged approach. First, he advised them on emerging insurance products geared toward shielding a business’ supply chain against natural disasters to protect its business income. Second, Damian J. Arguello counseled the company to secure alternate locations to reduce the risk of disruption from a natural disaster or other loss.

When to Hire an Insurance Lawyer

  • Denied Insurance Claims
  • Delayed Claim Payments
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Unfair Claim Handling
  • Contract requires party to carry insurance
  • Agreement has indemnity/hold harmless provision
  • Merger/acquisition requiring insurance due diligence
  • Case where any litigant may have insurance
  • Client questions insurance adequacy

How We Helped

  • Technology Company
  • Insurance Coverage and Risk Management
  • Preventative Legal Strategy
  • Damian J. Arguello

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