Case Studies – Insurance Lawyer as Co-Counsel

Insurance Lawyer as Co-Counsel

One of the biggest risks lawyers face is practicing outside their specialties.  Commercial litigators and business attorneys are not always well-versed in the complexity of insurance law.  A lawyer “dabbling” in insurance law can quickly generate large bills for their clients without achieving results.   Attorneys unfamiliar with complex insurance coverage issues find themselves performing time-consuming, costly legal research just to get up to speed.

Hiring an experienced policyholder insurance law attorney, like Damian J. Arguello, as co-counsel from the outset of a business matter can help attorneys help their clients.  Such a co-counsel relationship conserves limited client resources by improving efficiency and reduces malpractice exposure.  By bringing in a niche insurance practitioner as co-counsel in a business transaction, a business lawyer can efficiently address the insurance issues of a transaction without worry that the insurance specialist will compete with the business lawyer for the client’s other legal needs.

A co-counsel relationship with an experienced Colorado insurance lawyer also reduces malpractice exposure for commercial litigators, especially when serving as defense counsel retained by a business’ insurer.  For example, defense counsel can unwittingly create coverage issues by securing dismissal of claims potentially covered under insurance policies, and leaving only uninsured claims at issue, particularly under pressure from the insurer.  Similarly, consulting with a coverage attorney at before prosecuting a civil action allows the litigator to proactively strategize about how the defendant’s insurance might be a source of recovery, while exploring the insurability of possible counterclaims.  By working with an experienced insurance coverage lawyer as the client’s “personal counsel” in litigation the commercial litigator reduces risk and delivers superior value to clients.

When to Hire an Insurance Attorney

  • Denied Insurance Claims
  • Delayed Claim Payments
  • Insurance Coverage Disputes
  • Bad Faith Claims
  • Unfair Claim Handling
  • Contract requires party to carry insurance
  • Agreement has indemnity/hold harmless provision
  • Merger/acquisition requiring insurance due diligence
  • Case where any litigant may have insurance
  • Client questions insurance adequacy

How We Helped

  • Business Attorneys and Commercial Litigators
  • Inexperienced in Colorado Insurance Law
  • Hire an Insurance Attorney as Co-Counsel Early in the Matter
  • Damian J. Arguello

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